Carbon County, PA Conservation

Help pass measure that focused on preserving family farms, protecting sensitive land and water.  

4 piece mail plan with digital support beginning with the start of voting.

Client Testimonials

Facing a severe funding shortfall for Minneapolis neighborhood parks, Wampold Strategies helped us secure over $200 million in new parks funding. Our measure was facing long odds but thanks to effective messaging and precise targeting we were able to win with unanimous support from the Minneapolis Park Board and City Council.

Tony Sterle

Campaign Manager Save Our Minneapolis Parks

Wampold Strategies produced first class mail in to help in my election and re-election for Mayor of New Orleans with precise messaging and accurate targeting. Wampold Strategies also helped pass important initiatives in Orleans Parish to continue funding for the water and sewage board and to fully fund the New Orleans Fire Fighters retirement program.

Mitch Landrieu

New Orleans Mayor 2010-2018

The Trust for Public Land has relied upon Wampold Strategies for two decades to help us win more than 100 county and municipal ballot measures for parks and conservation plus state-wide conservation funding measure wins in Florida, Oregon, Minnesota, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia and Texas.


Merv invariably goes the extra mile for us to help meet budget or get extra mail out to help make sure we win.

Will Abberger

The Trust for Public Land, Vice President and Dirctor, Conservation Finance

Nationally Recognized

Established in 2005, Wampold Strategies is a nationally recognized full-service direct mail and advocacy firm based in Washington DC.


Our business model focuses on the quality of service to our clients which we believe leads to a high rate of success. 

A Winning Record

This decade, we have enjoyed an astonishing record with 94 wins and 9 losses; Candidates 34-8, ballot measures 50-1; Advocacy/IE- 10-0.


Since our founding, our overall success rates exceed 90%. 

Proven Experience

We have won elections and ballot initiatives in 31 states electing Democrats and furthering progressive causes.


We’ve secured billions of dollars in funding for conservation, infrastructure, and other progressive causes.

Your campaign is too important to hand to an inexperienced firm.

We have won elections in 31 states, electing Democrats, and securing billions in funding for progressive causes.

wampold strategies has won races and ballot initiatives in 31 states
USPS Survey of Political Outreach Options
USPS Survey of Political Outreach Options